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Qseven and µQseven Modules - Digital Signage and Digital Signposting

Our working environment is becoming more and more flexible and dynamic. This also affects the way we approach guests, customers and visitors. Rigid signage and information systems are bound to fail. Based on Qseven and µQseven modules from SECO, LeftClick offers products that comprehensively meet modern requirements. They were developed with the support of the system integrator Aaronn Electronic.

The Dutch-based company LeftClick is one of the leading providers of digital signage products in its domestic market. The company produces and develops hardware and software in-house and can therefore offer complete solutions. The RoomGuide brand, which has been available since 2011, is very successful in the rapidly growing market for digital signposting systems. It distinguishes itself on the market by numerous certifications in the hardware and software sector, including the ISO 27001 certification, which is important for IT security.

An essential part of the success is the sophisticated software functions. They enable LeftClick products to transmit information simply, intuitively and precisely to the right addressees. The software also offers a wide range of customization options to meet the needs of today's highly popular deployment scenarios. The spectrum ranges from not only targeted control of guests, customers or visitors via day-to-day organisation in modern offices with a "shared desk" concept to orientation in hospitals, but also the call of requests in public authorities, the display of different service or offer information as well as the progress display of certain processes have already been implemented in projects.

The Optimal Hardware as a Basis
The second pillar of LeftClick's success is its hardware strategy. SECO's Qseven and µQseven modules built into the signposting systems ensure exceptional flexibility. They also help LeftClick to keep production costs low and differentiate itself from the competition.

The baseboard and BIOS adaptation specifically required for LeftClick's application purposes was mainly supported by Aaronn Electronic. The company from Puchheim near Munich has been a distributor for Qseven and µQseven modules of the Italian manufacturer SECO since 2016. In its role as system integrator, Aaronn Electronic also helps its customers to define their requirements towards the manufacturer and to jointly find the optimal solution. LeftClick has also benefited from this.

Decisive Criteria for QSeven
LeftClick used to work with single board computers for its applications. However, these single board computers were not flexible enough for the further development and expansion of the portfolio to include digital signposting systems. Also the time and effort for product maintenance would have become too much. Therefore LeftClick researched the market to find a supplier with long-standing experience in industrial solutions who could also assist with customization of firmware and BIOS. After thorough evaluation, the choice fell on Qseven modules from SECO and Aaronn Electronic as a system integration partner.

The fundamental advantages of µQseven for LeftClick are its compact design, long-term availability, IT security functions and x86 support. Overall, this standard offers the flexibility required by LeftClick as well as high scalability in terms of cost and performance. In addition, there is a possibility to use the features of the respective processor architectures and to easily switch between them. Another reason why LeftClick chose SECO was because its µQseven module µQ7-A76-J supports CPUs from the Intel Atom E3800 and Celeron families (formerly Bay Trail): these SoCs offer a high level of computing and graphics performance with outstanding power management capabilities, ideal for efficient imaging workflows, digital signage with secure content delivery and visually appealing interactive clients.

Furthermore, Qseven offers a wide range of easy-to-use interfaces as well as upgrade capabilities: The modular design enables the latest CPU generations to be used at any time. The baseboard does not have to be changed or hardly changed at all. This reduces the time and effort required to launch new models or product generations on the market. In this way, development and production can be better planned and larger quantities can be purchased, which in turn leads to lower prices.

Qseven modules are available in the 70 × 70 mm format, while the µQseven modules, at 40 × 70 mm, are about the size of a credit card and have a low overall height. This makes them ideal not only for integration in flat displays, but also for applications in the automotive sector, traffic control systems, ticket vending machines, kiosk systems, medical technology or numerous applications in the IoT environment.

Comprehensive Support from Aaronn Electronic
"We helped the LeftClick developers to deploy their baseboard on both Qseven and µQseven modules. This saved them a lot of work and still provided high flexibility," explained Gerhard Fragner, Business Development Manager at Aaronn Electronic. Moreover, the BIOS was adapted in cooperation with Aaron Electronic. A "Secure Boot" function ensures that only customer specific software can be installed, instead of third-party software.

Together with other security features, these are important criteria for banks, municipalities and healthcare institutions, many of which are already LeftClick customers in the Netherlands. LeftClick chose Aaronn Electronic at a very early stage. It was already involved in the considerations that led to the selection of QSeven modules from SECO. " Once realising in the discussions that we are getting along well with each other, and Aaronn understands our needs and is committed to us at SECO, it was immediately clear to us that we would like to work with them in the further development," explained Johan and Leon Smits, Managing Directors of LeftClick. "We have laid a solid foundation for our new product line RoomGuide together, with which we are already successful in the Netherlands and now also aiming to expand into the German market".

Apart from providing technical support as a system integrator, Aaronn Electronic also takes care of logistics tasks for LeftClick. As a SECO distributor, Aaronn Electronic, for example, keeps the required products ready for delivery. This ensures that products are quickly available when they are needed. Thus LeftClick is able to react quickly to the increasing demand without having to operate an extensive warehouse, which would also require extra costs.

*Intel®, Atom™ und Celeron® are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. µQseven® and other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

About RoomGuide

The management of meeting and conference rooms is very complex not only in conference hotels or conference centres, but also in companies and public authorities. If rooms are only reserved in calendar systems without the reservation information being displayed in the room itself, the process is prone to errors. Moreover, it is no longer up to date: today, employees often need a meeting room at short notice and spontaneously or have to postpone planned meetings. This can be solved by linking the booking system and room signage.
It is particularly effective when employees can search for and book their own rooms without having to call a central office. It is even more efficient if the technical equipment of the room, such as a web conference system, can be linked to the room booking via established room control systems such as AMX, Crestron, Extron or Philips HUE. They will then be ready when the participants enter the room.
LeftClick has developed RoomGuide precisely for this purpose. The software can not only reserve rooms, but can also be used in a variety of ways to specifically approach and direct people in buildings - from greetings at the entrance or social media content to information about the current traffic or news and the alert display in case of fire or accidents. It can also be used in a modern, flexible office environment. In this way, not only ad hoc working groups can be formed for specific tasks, but regulatory requirements can also be met, for example, when it comes to finding appointed first-aiders.

About SECO

SECO Group excels in the electronic embedded field, offering cutting-edge solutions for the most various applications, through standard modules (Qseven®, COM Express ™, SMARC, ETX®), SBCs, systems and full-custom solutions. With 40 years of experience and more than 250 employees, SECO is constantly growing and operates globally with offices in Italy, Germany, USA, India and Taiwan. SECO manages the entire production cycle in-house in Italy, from the development and design stage to manufacturing and mass distribution. Creativity, innovation and collaborations with the most important technological partners and a number of major scientific Universities and Research Institutes are the foundation of SECO's ability to meet the ever-changing challenges of the embedded market. www.seco.com

About Aaronn Electronic und SECO
Aaronn Electronic GmbH from Puchheim near Munich has been a distribution partner of the leading embedded computing specialist SECO since 2016. Since then, Aaronn Electronic has successfully distributed the Qseven and µQseven modules of the Italian manufacturer in Germany. As a system integrator with 25 years of experience and industrial know-how, Aaronn Electronic offers value-added services to SECO products such as design-in support, carrier board design and complete system design.