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Aaronn Electronic - 25 Years’ Expertise in Embedded Computing Technology

Digitization, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are both challenges and opportunities for the industry. In order to utilize the possibilities for your company, not only processes have to be rethought, the hardware being used should also optimally support the ideas. As a specialist for embedded PCs, Aaronn Electronic has been a reliable partner here for 25 years.

In 1993 Intel launched the Pentium processor. This made it possible to edit several commands simultaneously and to add support for graphics and music. Microsoft urged companies with Windows NT thanks to 32-bit technology and the Mosaic browser conquered the hearts and the PCs of users with its graphics capabilities.

During this pioneering period Klaus Lederer founded Aaronn Electronic in Puchheim near Munich. The main challenge at that time was the procurement of PCs and PC components which were suitable for industrial use. Today, apart from the selection of the right systems, the challenge for industrial users is above all the adaptation for their specific applications.

Long-standing Expertise as a System Integrator

Over the years, Aaronn Electronic has developed from a distributor to a system integrator, who solves this challenge jointly with its customers and technology partners. The concept works: In the last few years, the company generated annual turnover of more than 10 million euros, of which more than 50% was generated by system integration for a wide range of applications. These include digital signage solutions for airports, retail and fast food chains as well as automation solutions for the automotive and supplier industry or automation solutions in the logistics sector. Aaronn Electronic has also advised and supported customers in the optimization of medical devices and alarm solutions in the healthcare industry.

The challenges continue to increase dramatically as a result of developments such as IoT, digitization, AI and the cloud. Embedded systems used for such applications must not only be capable enough to perform the additional functions, but must also be tailored precisely to the increasingly specific requirements.  Aaronns’ experience in many different projects helps here.

Aaronn Electronic anticipated this development years ago and adapted to it at an early stage. Today, the product range extends from industrial display solutions to embedded box PCs as well as IoT gateways, which are used as controller and visualization computers, to 19" rackmount servers for industrial applications.

The Value of a System Integrator

Aaronn Electronic and its customers increasingly develop tailor-made embedded systems together. This helps customers to open up new market segments or create completely new business models. Concepts, billing models and marketing approaches are important for business success in digitization and the Internet of Things. Nevertheless, even the best ideas remain in fragments if the appropriate hardware is missing or does not meet the requirements.

In many applications, the best possible solution is the only one which is acceptable. In the end, any deficiencies are directly attributed to the company that is responsible for the overall concept: If a machine or production plant fails, its owner does not know which component was responsible for it. The competence and commitment of the system integrator are therefore key success factors. Not only small and medium-sized customers appreciate this. Global corporations also leverage Aaronn Electronic's support and flexibility for customization.  Aaronn helps them to be more agile on site.

Focussing on the Essentials

To enable customers to implement their specific applications, they need to be supported in tasks that are difficult or impossible for them to carry out themselves. This could be, for instance, the selection of the right components, the PCB layout, as well as the housing design or the system design in generally. The time for the implementation of customer projects is reduced when working with a system integrator, as rapid prototyping and assembly according to individual specifications can be carried out quickly and easily. Personal support with technical questions and other difficulties during the entire project period are a part of the Aaronn Electronic service to all customers. Due to the large number of customers, manufacturers can only achieve this after a certain project volume has been reached.

Another advantage of a medium-sized system integrator is that it speaks to its customers on an equal footing and can act more flexibly. It is very helpful that Aaronn Electronic is an independent, owner-managed company based in Germany. This guarantees fast, non-bureaucratic decisions for the benefit of the customer at any time. The customer can fully concentrate on the implementation of their ideas, Aaron Electronic provides the perfect tools to achieve this.

Fluent Communication with Manufacturers

The relationships between the system integrator and the manufacturer with which it works also contribute to this flexibility. At Aaronn Electronic these are currently Kontron, ADVANTECH, ADLINK and SECO. A large product range seems to be attractive for customers at first sight. But in fact the right choice is more important. And in doing so, Aaronn supports with its long-standing experience.

Due to the purchasing volumes and the direct personal contacts, it is easier for the system integrator to put the lever in the right place in difficult cases. As soon as individual customization is required, his customers benefit from the "short wire" between the system integrator and the manufacturer: the system integrator knows the important and right contacts personally and knows how they can contribute to success.

On the other hand, the manufacturer also appreciates when the system integrator provides relevant feedbacks from customers in such a way that he can make the right conclusions. Together, these two factors ultimately lead to a trustful cooperation between manufacturer and system integrator. Last but not least, the joint customers benefit from this. "In a nutshell, our manufacturers understand how and why we are successful and support us in this," summarizes Florian Haidn, Head of Sales & Marketing at Aaronn Electronic.

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